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Our platform was created to provide an avenue where everyone can find a common ground on issues that we normally and usually do not agree with to create better, harmonious and intelligent discussions we can all learn from.

We promise to give you well-researched and high quality content that are both informative and engaging. Do take note, however, that we like to mix our own articles with a dash of wit and humor from time to time to make your reading experience enjoyable without compromising and losing its intended purpose.

Dear Readers,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to visit The Crazy Average Asian. By now you are probably thinking about the site’s title and wondering why I chose it. Yes, it is a witty take on Kevin Kwan’s best selling novel and Hollywood blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians. And, yes, I am the Rachel Chu to the non-existent Nick Young in my life. But I’m not Singaporean nor am I rich. I’m just crazy AND average. And proudly Asian!

The Crazy Average Asian is another attempt of mine, yet again, at free writing after a 3-year blogging hiatus. This time, though, I would like to make it more educative and less provocative (but I might still annoy you whenever I feel like it.)

The same Elements of Randomness from my now defunct blog, Halo-Halo, are still being used, and by “elements of randomness” I meant anything under the sun that is relevant and whatever that makes sense or not. But no more fart jokes this time — ha, you wish!

On a serious note, I hope we could all make use of this website as a tool for acquiring new and better knowledge about stuff we either take for granted or delve into too much.

Read, Learn and Enjoy!

Your Asian,
Chin Oh