Getting Ahead at Work

Do you believe that you have the potential to be given a higher position at work? Do you think you can lead, inspire, and deliver results? If you’ve got what it takes, let them know you have much more to offer. Be noticed and climb your way to the top — respect, prestige, and success are all a matter of having the right attitude.

Exceed Expectations

Look for challenge in the simplest tasks assigned to you. There is always an extraordinary way of doing ordinary things. Over-deliver and don’t just do what is asked of you by working smarter. If you can do better than what is in your job description, do it and do it cheerfully. Success finds those who exceed expectations.

Respect People

John was a very brainy IT consultant. His intelligence was truly an asset to the company, but his offensive jokes and bad temper were more than his staffs and superiors could handle. John was forced to resign one day, when colleagues petitioned for his termination.

Respect your superiors and colleagues and be careful how you treat them. Avoid offensive jokes and remarks that might breed resentment. Keep in mind the Golden Rule. Earn respect by being respectful.

Dress and Behave Appropriately

Carlos is the VP of an advertising agency. When their company needed an account executive, hundreds of resumes were surveyed but only five made it to their top choices. All five had the perfect background for the position — but only one got the job. What set her apart? Carlos explained, “it was tough narrowing down our choice, but we picked Pamela because she ad an X-factor the others didn’t have. She carried herself so well.”

Looking at your best is very good for your career. The first thing people notice is how you groom and carry yourself. People trust and respect people who look presentable. Look good and smell good, and keep your hair combed, groomed and in place. Look like a winner with clean and appropriate clothes and maintain a good posture. Be confident and behave with the grace of a VIP. Dress for the job you want. You’ll be amazed at how appearance can enhance your credibility.

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