Greater Things Lead to Greater Paths

You’ve just finished your latest K-Drama marathon and you’re done binge-watching all the chick-flicks on your list. You’ve spent an hour browsing Facebook and another half swiping photos on Instagram. And you don’t know what to do next.

There’s more to life than Netflix and spending too much time on social media. And there are more things you can do to be productive even in your downtime. All you need to do is find the urge to convince yourself that some activities are worthier of your time than the others — like taking up a free online course and learning some new skills.

On February 2020, Creamsilk has partnered with, an online educational platform that gives access to learning resources. Their campaign, Conditioned For Greater, aims to empower women and provide greater opportunities to the modern Filipina by launching a digital learning hub with courses curated by industry experts and distinguished universities around the globe.

To learn more about the courses, you can visit #ConditionedForGreater online academy and start a greater journey.

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