Subtle Imitation

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Charles Caleb Colton

My clock ticks and it says 4:38 pm (Manila time) as I type this, and my eyes are still drooping from staying up so late last night. I was not able to do anything yesterday except debugging this website the entire freaking day, trying to find and fix errors. Having got used to endless physical activities (thanks to my hyperactive 3-year old kid), my body now hates staying still at one place for hours doing the same thing. And when I finally gave up figuring out what went wrong, I just soaked up the internet and visited every social networking site I currently have. That’s when I noticed I have pushed someone’s button.

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Getting Ahead at Work

Do you believe that you have the potential to be given a higher position at work? Do you think you can lead, inspire, and deliver results? If you’ve got what it takes, let them know you have much more to offer. Be noticed and climb your way to the top — respect, prestige, and success are all a matter of having the right attitude.

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The Ultimate Skin Vitamin

Caring for your skin will always be an important part of your personal hygiene regimen. Scientists have been uncovering breakthroughs in skin technology that protect your body from environment and the effects of aging.

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Get Featured

As The Crazy Average Asian grow its creative pool, we also seek noteworthy and budding talents and personalities. Collaborate with TCAA and be featured at no cost. Leave the talking—er, the writing to us and we’ll do the storytelling. All you gotta do is take your stuff out and show the world what you’re made of!

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