A Big Man’s Love Rant

Many people don’t understand love. I think the point with anything is to recognize the point of the thing before becoming too heavily involved. Often Video games can be helpful—they are good socializing tools; they are great for relaxing in a much better way than TV or movies in some cases. But then they are also much longer in some cases than televisions or movies. Just like these things, I do not believe they are innately evil just as alcohol is not innately evil. When something’s purpose is abused or misunderstood it only leads to ruin. I submit to you the most powerful example of such: Love.

Love is misconstrued in our culture as obsession or fantasy; excitement or lust. It is often misunderstood as an emotion or a thing over which there is no control. But through mankind’s attempts to assign blame and to never understand, they have constructed a thing not unlike passion or folly. Love can include these things, but I suggest it is none of these things just as a house cat is a feline but not all felines are house cats. What then is Love? “Greater love has no one than, this that he lay down his life for his friends.” I believe you’d be familiar with that; it’s in the Bible. Also, perhaps, if you love me, obey my commandments. If you unravel those statements, what do you find? I say that laying down life in death is easy, living for something is hard. So which is the greater love? The passion that burns for a moment and is snuffed out in death or worse divorce from lack of “excitement”? Or is the greater love when you see something you’re not excited about any more and decide you will continue to strive for?

When someone looks up from their misery or from their boredom and continues to strive for something having decided that this striving more important than their excitement or immediate pleasure—that is love. Love can be a feeling, but greater love takes an act of will. What we invest our time and energy into are the things we love be they video games, cars, alcoholism, our friends, our family, our God or our jobs.

A man’s labor or his love is only made evident by his decisions to pursue something to which has been assigned value be it worthy or not. I submit that even as he labors drop by drop, sweat falls from the brow of a man in love. I submit FURTHER that people do know this and that they hunger for it. They want to be loved, but they are too selfish to love other people most of the time. Things are easy to love; they’re easy to strive for. There is no risk and, furthermore, when people find something they think is love they don’t return it. They just get addicted to it. They want to be loved; they want someone to work for their happiness and approval. But so few people will return it, instead they will nag or complain or get a divorce when the one way street of love dries up…when they get tired of trying.