The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Uplifting. Extraordinary. Heart-touching. New York Times Best Seller novel by Mitch Albom brings you to a place beyond your imagination and teaches you life lessons you’ll forever be grateful for. It tells a story about the life and death of a man who was sent to heaven and encounters five key people who all had a major influence in his life.

Photography by Liza Mae Valera

Eighty-three-year-old Eddie fixes park rides for a living and goes on with life believing things could have been better. When he dies after trying to save a young girl from an accident, he wakes up in heaven and finds five people waiting for him. Some of them were strangers, others were loved ones, yet Eddie crossed all their paths at some point in his life. And now Eddie is about to find out that everything happens for a reason, even the tragic ones.

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