The Ultimate Skin Vitamin

Caring for your skin will always be an important part of your personal hygiene regimen. Scientists have been uncovering breakthroughs in skin technology that protect your body from environment and the effects of aging.

Photography by Taryn Elliott

Research shows that you need Vitamin C not only to protect you from the common cold, but for your skin too. According to a study done at the Duke University in North Carolina, Vitamin C reverses some of the changes associated with sun damage and aging. It can also be an effective sun protector.

Free radicals, which are caused by UV rays, pollution, fatigue, stress, smoke, and alcohol, attack the skin’s surface. By damaging collagen and elastin fibers and breaking down the skin’s support structure, free radicals cause lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of elasticity — the obvious signs of prematurely aged and unhealthy skin. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C protects skin and helps reduce sun damage by neutralizing these free radicals. There is also evidence that Vitamin C may pass through the layers of your skin and help heal tissue damaged by burn or injury.

Skin Tip: Prevent premature signs of aging in your skin. Make sure you have your healthy dose of Vitamin C everyday by drinking citrus fruit juices and eating Vitamin C-rich vegetables like carrots and cabbages.

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